Preschool for K

Hello friends! I’m going to try and keep you updated on all of our homeschooling this year! My oldest will be going to a prestigious charter school, so I will be homeschooling a fifth, third, and preschooler. For this post, I will focus on my preschool lessons for tomorrow.

We will be using the Usbourne Start to Read Pack. I got it from hosting an Usbourne party, and I am so excited to use this as our starting point for learning phonics! Here is the first page, along with a picture of the Start to Read Pack.

20150726_171919 20150726_174815

I am going to start with the letter S and create activities of all kinds to incorporate learning this letter and phonic sound. We will work on this letter for one day, unless my daughter does not complete all of the assignments, then we wil finish on the next day. (Note: I like to let her pick what she wants to work on, i just help guide her, by leaving the activities on her learning shelf. If she has an emotional day, and is not learning due to her mood, or any frustrations, then assignments may be more of an artistic or sensory activity, which are what she really enjoys doing. Remember learning should be fun and encouraging!)

So here is my lesson plan for Monday, July 26th, 2015. In no certain order:

Reading: Choose any book off of your bookshelf (She likes to choose her own)

Art: Rip strips of construction paper. Mark a capital S and a lowercase S on construction paper with white crayon or a pencil. Then the child glues these strips to the construction paper using a glue stick.

Phonics: Read page 2 together in the Usbourne Start to Read Activity book. Child completes the dot to dot drawing (S for seal)

Computer Learning Game:  Teach Your Monster to Read This website is reccomended by the Start to Read Activity book to help reinforce and practice what the children learn in the activity book. It’s very easy to play, educational, colorful, free and fun!

Art: Color the ‘S for Spider’ printable.

Sensory: Draw the letter S in the Rainbow salt tray. Here is how I made ours, VERY easy, pretty, and she loves to write in it with her fingers or a paintbrush.

Well that’s all we have specifically planned, If i give her more to do, I will update you and I will also upload pictures of her in action! Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you’ll say Hi if you enjoyed this post or have any questions. Love, MamaCass