How I prepare for school & use workboxes

I’m going to share with you my method of madness organization for our homeschool work the next morning.

I try to be well prepared and get everything printed, set-up, workboxes filled, etc. But let’s keep it real, at the end of the day I just want to lay in bed after cooking dinner and watch Dance Moms. Guilty pleasure, oh yes please! So if I fail and “forget” to load the workboxes, I’ll wake up early, grab my coffee, and load them in the morning before they wake up. (the kids don’t know.. Shhh!)

Tonight I had my act together and loaded the workboxes. I also took pictures along the way so you could see. 🙂 The first thing I do is grab both of my Heart of Dakota curriculum guides. I absolutely love this curriculum! The whole school year is all laid out for you. It’s based off the Charlotte Mason method. So HOD gives you an assignment, then you go get the corresponding book off your bookshelf to go with it. Easy peasy my friends!!



This is one day’s work, all laid out for you. The student would just need the corresponding book & other supplies necessary. Such as, paint, paper, or index cards.

Look how simply the assignment is written up for you. It couldn’t get any easier than this for the parent!! You really don’t have to schedule & plan for the year if you didn’t want to. You can literally just open and shut this guide and the assignments are right there for you!


I then gather the books that go along with the subjects for the day. I place strips of paper inside(like a bookmark) and write what page they should read. Once I’ve done that, I put the book back into its assigned workbox.



If I come across a subject & I don’t care for the lesson that day, I will simply strike it out and give them a different assignment, such as, keyboarding or French. This is the beauty of Heart of Dakota! You can substitute if you want to!

After I’ve loaded Lexi & Skyler’s Workbox, I write on the dry erase board, which is nearby. I write the date and a positive message from me, or an inspirational quote. They walk by this board everytime they go to get a new workbox, so I feel like a positive message sets the mood of the day.

Did I leave anything out? Do you have any questions?? Please ask me! I can make a new post and go into detail. 🙂
Thanks for taking the time to visit! Ta-Ta! – Cass


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