Back to school!

Today we started back at homeschooling. I loaded their workboxes late last night. (A post on our workboxes coming soon!) I  went to bed, preparing myself emotionally that they were going to be grumpy kids in the morning and dragging their feet on their first day back at school in months. Boy did those awesome kids prove me wrong! I wake up, and find that all of the 3 older kids were awake. The boys were doing chores, which they do in order to play a video game. I said, “You know we are doing school today right? No video games until it’s all done.” This is our rule. They said, yeah  like they remembered. Okay, great. The girls then run into the homeschool/dining room and check their workboxes. Alexi graciously gave Kaydee 4 of her boxes last night so that Kaydee could feel like a big kid. Big, proud smile inserted here. The girls grab one box, bring it into the front room floor and prepare to work on their given assignment. WHAT?! This was before either of them had eaten any breakfast, mind you. I was feeling like this may be a great start to the day! Hooray! Then, the boys asked where they start. I told them, and Izayah sits at the dining table and reads, Skyler bounces from the front room, to sitting in the hallway reading. (I love the beauty of homeschooling. There are no required seating. You sit and learn where YOU feel comfortable! This is vital to Skyler especially. He is a wiggly boy that doesn’t appreciate someone telling him to stay in a chair for hours on end.) I continue to help the girls as needed, and I get them some cereal to eat while they read. As the hour goes on, everyone stays on task, the house is quiet, and there is a happiness in my heart knowing that my children are happily, I said happily, learning! They were done with all but 2 subjects after just 1 hour! I was shocked. We’ve never been done that fast.

What a great day back at homeschooling! God was with each of us. I just know it. He gave me patience, He led the children to learn, and He guided their hands as they worked. Not once during our homeschooling journey have I ever regretted this decision. Honest! Not once have I wished I could send them back to public school. Sure, I’ve had those days where I wondered if I am doing enough, am I teaching them the right things, could I add more subjects in? That’s because deciding to homeschool was something I didn’t want to fail at. So I prayed and prayed, asked friends about it, researched, and talked to the kids about it. I still went back and forth on it, because I didn’t go to college. How was I going to raise and teach all my children to be intellectuals that go into the world and find successful careers? One night I went to bed and said, “Okay God. It’s all in your hands. Help me come up with the answer.” I went to sleep. When I woke up, I promise, I had this sense of awareness and confidence. I KNEW that God wanted me to homeschool my children. Not only did I know the answer, but I felt confident about it. Now my kids don’t even want to go back to public school. I absolutely love homeschooling, and I know it’s the right thing for us to do. My kids are thriving and learning, what could be better then seeing this in action? It’s the best.


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